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Signs And Risks Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease when there is a development of unwanted cells or tumors inside the lungs. This is a very common disease in all smokers. Lung cancer is the main cause of over 1,370,000 case of deaths all over the globe every single year.

smoking hazardsHere are some risks and causes of lung cancer you should know in order to best prevent it.

1. Smoking

Smoking cigarettes and other stuffs is the main factor that lead to 80% lung cancer cases. Smokers are 10-30 times more vulnerable to get lung cancer than non-smokers.

Cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, and other form of inhaling the smoke in your lungs are proven to cause lung cancer for just about anybody. Chewing tobacco is not an exception, it even has more risks for causing throat and mouth cancer as well.

2. Job risks

Your job is the environment where you have to breath in smoke, chemical substance, tiny dusts from Niken, Chrome, or other lethal metal as well. Working in construction business also let yourself exposed to cement powder which is extremely toxic for the respiratory system.

3. Age

Even though you don’t smoke cigarette, the risk of getting cancer when you get over 40 will increase. Youngster also get it nevertheless but smokers over 40 years of age are more susceptible to lung diseases in one way or another.

4. Genetics

Some people have lung cancer from early childhood or right after being born. If you parents or siblings have lung cancer, the chance of you getting this disease also increase as well.

Even though there are many different reasons for you to get lung cancer, smoking is still the most dangerous killer of all. When smokers exhale, secondhand smoke also affects people around them substantially. Secondhand smoking problem is also known for killing people lives in many recent years.

There is also thirdhand smoking problem as well. This happens when fine ashes from leftover buds get stuck in the air inside the house and cause severe breathing problem for kids as well as adults.

There are signs that you can watch out for if you think you’ve got lung cancer. It is quite easy to recognize these signal happening in your body.

– Coughing hard and continuous

– Coughing blood is another dangerous signal showing that you might have lung cancer

lung-cancer1– Short breath, breathing rapidly or rasping for air

– Making sounds when you breath

– Chest pains

– Lost of appetite

– Lose weight

– Constant pain, sometimes even severe pain in your lungs

Some other lung diseases also have the same signs as above but to be safe you should get checked as soon as possible. Some other body signals you should also be worried about are: raising in body temperature, swollen face, uncleared voice, or changed in finger nails.

Quit smoking can be the ultimate solution if you don’t want to push your limits. It’s not quite easy as it may sound. There are many ways out there that helps you quit such as pads, gums, or even the e-cigarettes.

Gums and pads are not as effective as they claim it to be. The ecigs are not proven by scientists to be completely safe for human use, and in many study recently, the vapor cigs also got a bad reputation for causing lung diseases as well.


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Love Making In The Animal Kingdom

Whether human or animal, to survive in this world, we all need to reproduce. It is our instinct to find a soul mate and have kids to pass our gene down generations. In the animal kingdom, it is no quite different. They also have love, jealousy, and sex.

Bonobo Chimpanzee


Despite their angry looks, Chimpanzees are actually pretty peaceful animals who also love “sex”. Sex is usually used to say hello, solve conflicts, express their love, or even exchange foods. The way they have sex is almost similar to human, even with masturbation and “oral sex”.

Frigate Bird


This species of bird takes courting and loving to another level. During the mating seasons, the male expand their red neck to make big shinny red hearts to attract female Frigate birds. Couldn’t resist by the male temptation and romance, the female will eventually choose the best lover for her children. Usually the bigger heart means better love.

When the male perform the love dance ceremony, he will also use his wing to over his mate so she can’t wondering her eyes around for better candidates. This sounds like pure possessive and jealousy from the masculine side.



The Pandas are very lazy and they also don’t have any interests in neither sex or love making. However, due to their rare features and the fact that Pandas are almost extinct in the wild, many zoos in China try to encourage them to have sex.

One research center in Sichuan, China, has just discovered the secret of Pandas’ love making. They video tape the “porn” of other Pandas as the movie for other Pandas to watch. The result is phenomenon. Pandas got excited just like us human when watching dirty movies. Perhaps “Panda porn” helps increase their numbers significantly.

Honey Bees


With the honey bees, sex were never easy. They have to risk their own lives in exchange for sex. Usually in one bee hives, there is only one female, the queen, and thousands of male bees. Male bees are born just for sperm, worker bees are born to collect nectar, and the queen only lays eggs.

When the queen needs some sex, she will choose a bunch of male bees for “love making”. While mating, the sexual organ of the male bees will shoot out and stick to the queen’s body. After this task is done, the male bees will die.

Only in the bee kingdom when having sex is considered a death penalty. At least the queen only chooses a handful of male bees for mating. However, the rest which didn’t get chosen will eventually get kick out and die of starvation.

Deep sea Angler fish


Sex is getting weirder with the Angler fishes. Actually, this has been their way of loving for millions of years but still quite new for us. Living in the deepest part of the ocean with complete darkness does require a bizarre strategy. In a place where life is scarce, food is hard to get, finding a lover is almost impossible. However, the Angler fishes have develop a “I will never let you go away” technique to make sure their lovers will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The male Angler fish will find the female and bite on to her. When bitten, his cells and body will become almost one with the female. He won’t need to swim or find foods again for the rest of his life. The female do all the work. In exchange the male Angler will supply her with sperm whenever she needed.

“The male Angler is so small it is one of the smallest fish in the world” – Deep sea mystics.

King Penguin

The King Penguins are faithful creatures. A pair can stay apart for almost a year but whenever the mating seasons come in March, they will travel thousands kilometers to meet up with each other. They have a special call to help them be able to find their soul mates.


King Penguins stay with the same partner year after year until they die. If one partner dies first or doesn’t return to the mating ground, they will find another one, otherwise they would never leave each other.

When giving birth to an egg, the female King Penguin will carefully handle the eggs to the father and then go to the sea for fishing. The male stays to hatch and protect the eggs for 2 months without eating much.

Some interesting records

– Oysters have the sexual organ 50 times bigger than their body. They need it because they almost stay still for the rest of their lives.

– Flies have the longest sperms in the world. Each sperm is about 5 centimeters, 1000 times human sperm).

– The Argentina ducks have the longest sexual organ in the birds’ world: about 40 centimeters.

– The male Gorilla is huge and dangerous. It can weight almost 170 kilos and 2 meter tall but the sexual organ can be as small as 4 centimeters. You can’t judge a book by its cover right?

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