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Benefits Of Pineapple Juice

on February 5, 2013

It’s getting hotter in my area as Spring has come and summer is on the way. Having a glass of juice in a middle of a hot day is irreplaceable. There are many good fruit juice that you can choose from that are healthy and refreshing, Pineapple juice is one of them.


I’ve written a post about Sugarcane juice and the health benefits of it, Pineapple juice is also very good for replenish your body. Pineapple is one of the most popular fruit in the tropical countries. It got the name from the resemblance of a pine cone.


After planning for about 20 to 24 months, depends on temperature and techniques, the flower will bloom which will then create one fruit per pineapple plant. The fruit will then grow and mature in the next 6 months or so. It all depends on the soil I guess because in my house, the plant didn’t bloom for almost 4 years … until suddenly out of nowhere the flower came.


Pineapple are used widely for human consumption. You can either eat it raw, cooked, canned, or use it to make other delicious snacks such as yogurt, jam, fruit salad, desert, and ice cream. I love to drink pineapple juice because there are pack with vitamins and valuable nutrients for your body.

Anti-oxidants are packed in Pineapple juice which help you protect your skin from being wrinkle as well as prevent skin cancer and diseases. It helps reduce the possibility of DNA mutation which can cause cancer.

Pineapple juice also provide lots and lots of viral vitamins for your body such as vitamin C which help strengthen the immune system to fight against illnesses. Also, vitamin B1 is also included in great amount in a Pineapple which is very important in the process of transferring carbohydrates and glucose to energy.


Pineapple juice also has proteolytic enzyme, bromelain, which breaks down protein in your body. This specific enzyme plays an important role to your digestive system and prevent any related sickness. It also helps reducing joint pains.

In diet, pineapple juice is considered one of the healthy choice for natural drinks. Although pineapple contains sugar, however, the level of sugar is low and pretty healthy for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Have you ever tried pineapple juice with other fruit juice such as strawberry or sugarcane? It is Delicious!


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