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Are the Electronic Cigarette Safe?

quit-smoking-e-cigAre e cigarettes safe?  This question has stirred the interest of many individuals, smokers and non-smokers. Most smokers consider e cigarettes safe. But health organizations such as FDA are against it. Despite the uncertainty of reasons regarding the safety of these cigarettes, these products are still sold.

Why are electronic cigarettes safe according to smokers and manufactures?

1. No nicotine. It is true that some e cigarettes do not have nicotine. Manufacturers design this kind of cigarettes in order to address the need of smokers for zero nicotine. These are the smokers who want to quit smoking and be nicotine-free in their entire lives.

2. Lesser nicotine. Others who want to lessen the nicotine amount before completely quitting smoking, or be at a minimum nicotine amount can try e cigarettes that have lesser nicotine. E cigarettes differ in nicotine amount, which you can easily identify in their labels. Or, you can choose and instruct the amount of refill for the cartridge. The nicotine amount is also dependent on how many volume of liquid is placed in the cartridge.

3. Smokeless. Are e cigarettes safe? It can be “Yes” in this scenario. There are places that smokers cannot smoke, especially in public. In order to satisfy the craving for smoke in this kind of places, e cigarettes are the best solution. They are smokeless and tar-free because the nicotine together with other safe ingredients is vaporized.

4. No burns. E cigarettes don’t emit fire. They do produce light run by battery in order to look like the conventional cigarettes but this light cannot burn. Because there isn’t a fire, e cigarettes do not leave live butts, still no burn in this matter.

Are e cigarettes safe? FDA’s answer is possibly “No”. Considering that FDA comes from the medical side, we can understand their assertion. Their findings about the unhealthy contents of e cigarettes such as the Volatile Organic Compound, diethylene glycol, and nitrosamines lead them to say “No” to these products. It is hard to blame the staffs under FDA because they are just reasoning and believing to what their profession and apparatuses tell them at present.

However, the staffs need to strengthen their studies in order to create persuasive reasons for the smokers to stop using e cigarettes. It seems that the present studies are not yet enough.  At least, they are asserting that e cigarettes are not medicines for quitting smoking.

Even if you choose the best e cigarette, despite the absence of nicotine, they are still considered harmful due to the three substances that are known to harm human beings.

It seems you are going to be tested on which idea, or what group you are going to follow. But what other smokers believe in is if there are really e cigarette users who get sick due to the three substances or even just one among them, then FDA will be right. This kind of reasoning is very existentialist. But, you hold your answer. It is up to you whether you smoke e cigarettes or do the cold turkey.

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