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Are the Electronic Cigarette Safe?

quit-smoking-e-cigAre e cigarettes safe?  This question has stirred the interest of many individuals, smokers and non-smokers. Most smokers consider e cigarettes safe. But health organizations such as FDA are against it. Despite the uncertainty of reasons regarding the safety of these cigarettes, these products are still sold.

Why are electronic cigarettes safe according to smokers and manufactures?

1. No nicotine. It is true that some e cigarettes do not have nicotine. Manufacturers design this kind of cigarettes in order to address the need of smokers for zero nicotine. These are the smokers who want to quit smoking and be nicotine-free in their entire lives.

2. Lesser nicotine. Others who want to lessen the nicotine amount before completely quitting smoking, or be at a minimum nicotine amount can try e cigarettes that have lesser nicotine. E cigarettes differ in nicotine amount, which you can easily identify in their labels. Or, you can choose and instruct the amount of refill for the cartridge. The nicotine amount is also dependent on how many volume of liquid is placed in the cartridge.

3. Smokeless. Are e cigarettes safe? It can be “Yes” in this scenario. There are places that smokers cannot smoke, especially in public. In order to satisfy the craving for smoke in this kind of places, e cigarettes are the best solution. They are smokeless and tar-free because the nicotine together with other safe ingredients is vaporized.

4. No burns. E cigarettes don’t emit fire. They do produce light run by battery in order to look like the conventional cigarettes but this light cannot burn. Because there isn’t a fire, e cigarettes do not leave live butts, still no burn in this matter.

Are e cigarettes safe? FDA’s answer is possibly “No”. Considering that FDA comes from the medical side, we can understand their assertion. Their findings about the unhealthy contents of e cigarettes such as the Volatile Organic Compound, diethylene glycol, and nitrosamines lead them to say “No” to these products. It is hard to blame the staffs under FDA because they are just reasoning and believing to what their profession and apparatuses tell them at present.

However, the staffs need to strengthen their studies in order to create persuasive reasons for the smokers to stop using e cigarettes. It seems that the present studies are not yet enough.  At least, they are asserting that e cigarettes are not medicines for quitting smoking.

Even if you choose the best e cigarette, despite the absence of nicotine, they are still considered harmful due to the three substances that are known to harm human beings.

It seems you are going to be tested on which idea, or what group you are going to follow. But what other smokers believe in is if there are really e cigarette users who get sick due to the three substances or even just one among them, then FDA will be right. This kind of reasoning is very existentialist. But, you hold your answer. It is up to you whether you smoke e cigarettes or do the cold turkey.

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Benefits Of Pineapple Juice

It’s getting hotter in my area as Spring has come and summer is on the way. Having a glass of juice in a middle of a hot day is irreplaceable. There are many good fruit juice that you can choose from that are healthy and refreshing, Pineapple juice is one of them.


I’ve written a post about Sugarcane juice and the health benefits of it, Pineapple juice is also very good for replenish your body. Pineapple is one of the most popular fruit in the tropical countries. It got the name from the resemblance of a pine cone.


After planning for about 20 to 24 months, depends on temperature and techniques, the flower will bloom which will then create one fruit per pineapple plant. The fruit will then grow and mature in the next 6 months or so. It all depends on the soil I guess because in my house, the plant didn’t bloom for almost 4 years … until suddenly out of nowhere the flower came.


Pineapple are used widely for human consumption. You can either eat it raw, cooked, canned, or use it to make other delicious snacks such as yogurt, jam, fruit salad, desert, and ice cream. I love to drink pineapple juice because there are pack with vitamins and valuable nutrients for your body.

Anti-oxidants are packed in Pineapple juice which help you protect your skin from being wrinkle as well as prevent skin cancer and diseases. It helps reduce the possibility of DNA mutation which can cause cancer.

Pineapple juice also provide lots and lots of viral vitamins for your body such as vitamin C which help strengthen the immune system to fight against illnesses. Also, vitamin B1 is also included in great amount in a Pineapple which is very important in the process of transferring carbohydrates and glucose to energy.


Pineapple juice also has proteolytic enzyme, bromelain, which breaks down protein in your body. This specific enzyme plays an important role to your digestive system and prevent any related sickness. It also helps reducing joint pains.

In diet, pineapple juice is considered one of the healthy choice for natural drinks. Although pineapple contains sugar, however, the level of sugar is low and pretty healthy for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Have you ever tried pineapple juice with other fruit juice such as strawberry or sugarcane? It is Delicious!

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Signs And Risks Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease when there is a development of unwanted cells or tumors inside the lungs. This is a very common disease in all smokers. Lung cancer is the main cause of over 1,370,000 case of deaths all over the globe every single year.

smoking hazardsHere are some risks and causes of lung cancer you should know in order to best prevent it.

1. Smoking

Smoking cigarettes and other stuffs is the main factor that lead to 80% lung cancer cases. Smokers are 10-30 times more vulnerable to get lung cancer than non-smokers.

Cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, and other form of inhaling the smoke in your lungs are proven to cause lung cancer for just about anybody. Chewing tobacco is not an exception, it even has more risks for causing throat and mouth cancer as well.

2. Job risks

Your job is the environment where you have to breath in smoke, chemical substance, tiny dusts from Niken, Chrome, or other lethal metal as well. Working in construction business also let yourself exposed to cement powder which is extremely toxic for the respiratory system.

3. Age

Even though you don’t smoke cigarette, the risk of getting cancer when you get over 40 will increase. Youngster also get it nevertheless but smokers over 40 years of age are more susceptible to lung diseases in one way or another.

4. Genetics

Some people have lung cancer from early childhood or right after being born. If you parents or siblings have lung cancer, the chance of you getting this disease also increase as well.

Even though there are many different reasons for you to get lung cancer, smoking is still the most dangerous killer of all. When smokers exhale, secondhand smoke also affects people around them substantially. Secondhand smoking problem is also known for killing people lives in many recent years.

There is also thirdhand smoking problem as well. This happens when fine ashes from leftover buds get stuck in the air inside the house and cause severe breathing problem for kids as well as adults.

There are signs that you can watch out for if you think you’ve got lung cancer. It is quite easy to recognize these signal happening in your body.

– Coughing hard and continuous

– Coughing blood is another dangerous signal showing that you might have lung cancer

lung-cancer1– Short breath, breathing rapidly or rasping for air

– Making sounds when you breath

– Chest pains

– Lost of appetite

– Lose weight

– Constant pain, sometimes even severe pain in your lungs

Some other lung diseases also have the same signs as above but to be safe you should get checked as soon as possible. Some other body signals you should also be worried about are: raising in body temperature, swollen face, uncleared voice, or changed in finger nails.

Quit smoking can be the ultimate solution if you don’t want to push your limits. It’s not quite easy as it may sound. There are many ways out there that helps you quit such as pads, gums, or even the e-cigarettes.

Gums and pads are not as effective as they claim it to be. The ecigs are not proven by scientists to be completely safe for human use, and in many study recently, the vapor cigs also got a bad reputation for causing lung diseases as well.


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Health Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice


If you are a fan of fruit juice and understand the important health factor of getting the raw extracts from fresh fruits to your body, than you need to try sugarcane juice once in your life … or maybe more than just once. As you know how healthy most fruit juice are to replenish and revive your body with vitamin and minerals, sugarcane juice could be considered the king of all. Some of you who live up North may not have the chance to have one of these, but whenever you pay a visit to the South, don’t forget it.

Sugarcane plants are grown largely in the tropical countries, mostly Brazil, and India. Even though it is grown in over 100 countries all over, these two are the biggest exporters. Sugarcane plant is a grass type plant, looks like a bamboo tree with joined and fibrous stalks. As the name states it all, sugarcane contains more juice than any other natural fresh juice. Even though it is sweet, it actually has only about 15 percent of raw sugar in it, the rest consists of water brimming, packs of vitamins and mineral.

sugarcan-machine  Sugarcanejuice

sugarcanedrink  sucane

Sugarcane juice is delicious. You can eat it by chewing on the stick and suck out the juice or it can be done by machine. The sugarcane stalks are run through a wheel like machine that squeeze out the juice inside. Add a bit of salt and lemon juice and you are good to go. There are also many great recipe such as sugarcane juice with strawberries or any types of berries you wish or with clementine (the smallest type of mandarin fruit) juice. It is a high energy drink that you absolutely need to try.

The reason why sugarcane juice is so healthy because it contains lots natural vitamins and minerals that helps keep your body fresh and young. It contains plenty of calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc; vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B5, and B6. It also contains Polyphenols, a unique mix of compounds that has powerful antioxidants substances – scientists say.

In recent years, there were hypes about the Acai berries and other types of fruit juices that are good for fighting stress and keeping the skin young. However, sugarcane juice has proven over time with nodoubt the best fruit juice in the world. It is also the source for the daily sugar we use.

Another amazing feature about sugarcane juice is that diabetes patients can enjoy it with no worries. As it contains raw sugar which can be absorb into our body unlike simple sugar. The raw form sugarcane juice is an alkaline forming food which protects your body from cancer diseases. As researches have shown, cancer cells can’t live in an alkaline environment.

With so many health benefits like this and no hype like Acai, sugarcane is the most underrated fruit juice in the world. It is not wildly commercialized and not many people have the chance to try it. In a hot summer day, having a glass of sugarcane juice can boost your metabolism and energy, quince your thirst, and rehydrate your body the natural way better than any sport drinks could do.

Source: Wikipedia, Processedfreeamerica

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